patchHow was our squadron created?

Back in the late 1990’s, four guys regularly flew together in Microsoft’s Combat Flight Simulator 1. So often in fact, that they became friends and decided to become a “clan” in 1999.

Why the name “Belgian Virtual Tigers”?

A clan, or virtual squadron as we call ourselves nowadays, obviously needs a name. As one founder’s favourite real life squadron was the 31st “Tiger” squadron from Kleine-Brogel, and they were also active in MicroProse’s Falcon 4.0, it was a quick decision to become the “Virtual Tigers”. It wasn’t until a few years later however that “Belgian” was added, to distinguish ourselves from other international virtual Tiger squadrons.

2017-12-30_220242What do we do?

Throughout the years and to this day, the Belgian Virtual Tigers have used several flight simulators to approach our common passion: aviation. Next to Combat Flight Simulator 1 and Falcon 4.0, we have also been active in several versions of the Microsoft’s Flight Simulator-series (civil and combat) and Maddox Games’ IL-2 Sturmovik-series. In the past years, our main focus has been on a modded version of Falcon 4.0, namely Falcon BMS 4.32 and currently 4.34. In this, we fly and simulate the Belgian F-16AM to the best of our possibilities. Aside from our own online squadron flights, we come together almost every month, regularly cooperate with international virtual squadrons, and participate in real life events to promote (virtual) aviation.

2017-10-16_221349How do we operate?

We aim to simulate real life procedures and tactics as per the Belgian regulations, as far as we can find them and within the possibilities provided by the simulators we use. For this, we have several contacts, inside and out of the group, that are or were professionally active in aviation, who can provide input and feedback. All this information has been combined in our own standard operating procedures, which is mandatory knowledge for every member. Read more on our take on things at the “Join Us” page… Though we fly mainly in combat flight simulators, we consciously choose not to use a military top-down hierarchy within the group. One is equal to another, regardless of skill or knowledge, and everyone will help each other when necessary, thereby making the group stronger. This is also reflected in our motto, which we adopted from the famous Three Musketeers: “All for one and one for all.

See you in the virtual skies. – Belgian Virtual Tigers